• COVID-19 Announcement

    Dear participants,

    We wish to thank you for your interest in our event and for sending a submission. Given the COVID-19 crisis, the ICA CCR Europe Conference for 2020 will not be held in a presencial format. However, the local organizing committee with the European CCR Board of the ICA CCR Europe are exploring other options, for which we will inform you in the near future.

    — The Organizing Committee

Call for Abstracts

The Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade of the ICA sets out a strategy plan with a number of ambitious goals to be achieved by 2020. The latter highlights -in many instances- the importance of safeguarding the cooperative identity, as well as encouraging the cooperation between cooperatives. Nevertheless, as we are approaching the end of the Co-operative Decade, how to maintain a common cooperative identity which is inclusive to both traditional and emerging cooperatives, while strengthening their network capacities in local, regional, and global level, still remains an open question.  To address the aforementioned challenges, new strategic visions for cooperatives need to be explored and debated.

For this reason, following the main theme of the Berlin Conference in 2019 on cooperatives and the transformation of business and societies, the 2020 ICA CCR European Research Conference  chose as its main theme: Rethinking cooperatives: From local to global and from the past to the future” and invites scholars, practitioners and policy makers to reflect critically upon the evolution of the cooperative model over the years, the challenges that it has successfully addressed and those that remain unanswered, as well as the need to both evolve and adapt to new conditions, while maintaining a common cooperative identity.

Based on the above perspective, the conference aims to address a wide range of topics of the cooperative movement’s development through time and location from different scientific fields and traditions, including – among others:

  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Consumer cooperatives
  • Cooperative governance
  • Cooperative law and public policies
  • Cooperative management
  • Cooperative networks and territorial and rural development
  • Cooperative resilience and sustainability
  • Cooperatives and climate change
  • Cooperatives and social and solidarity economy
  • Cooperatives and sustainable development goals
  • Cooperatives and the commons
  • Emerging types of cooperatives (e.g. cooperative platforms)
  • Financial and banking cooperatives
  • History of the cooperative movement.
  • Innovation in Cooperative education
  • Measuring the cooperative impact
  • Producer Cooperatives
  • Social Cooperatives
  • Statistics on cooperatives
  • Worker cooperatives

Thematic/topics are NOT exclusive and shall be re-defined based on the received submissions.

Registration procedure and fees to be announced.

Important Dates

29/02/2020Deadline for self-organized sessions.
29/02/2020Deadline for abstract submissions.
02/2020Selection process and notification to authors, accompanied by presentation guidelines.
31/03/2020Final date for early bird registration.
01/06/2020Deadline for uploading presentations and/or full papers to the conference’s website. Full papers will not be published in print.
15/06/2020Full papers available online.
08/07/2020 – 10/07/2020Conference

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